ingridWhen Ingrid thought she hadn’t anything to show anyone anymore, someone looked at her. And saw her. And, perhaps someone recognised her and said he/she would like to get to know her. Since always. And, this person spoke, looking at her straight in the eyes wet from the rain of the days. And, the same someone asked her to meet up. Since that someone already knew that it would not be enough. Few minutes of an evening, somewhere incidental, inhabited by her. That someone asked her “Will you show (me) something nobody has seen yet?” Ingrid, no longer a believer in words and their world, wished for that person to leave. And, that person left without uttering a word, without defending their world. Unable to take the rain, that someone took a taxi. That someone, anyway, did not need a copywriter. “Here is the raising tide”, thought Ingrid “nothing can fill the brain more”.